Technical Services

Education IT Support Services

IT Technician Services

DBS cleared technician(s) will attend your school or academy to carry out essential infrastructure maintenance, resolve general IT related issues for both admin and curriculum users, perform system and software upgrades.

Schools are becoming more and more dependant on technology than ever before, yet many do not have access to the IT expertise they need.

EDU365 employs a team of dedicated, knowledgeable IT consultants who specialise in providing high level IT support and assistance for your school.

With knowledge of a broad range of topics, our consultants will work as part of your team, ensuring your IT infrastructure is running optimally.

We are not just there for if something goes wrong, we will become a friendly face around school helping to develop ICT best practice and offering advice and guidance on all.

Remote Support Desk

A support helpdesk system is available to customers between visits, this enables you to receive help as required and have the peace of mind that we are always on hand to help.

The support desk team is able to assist with a wide variety of enquiries ranging from resetting a password, general advice, consumable procurement, and even installing certain types of software. If the issue is an emergency or if it is required to be resolved before the next scheduled visit, the support desk can initiate an adhoc technician visit to resolve the issues.

Every support issue or enquiry is documented in our online support system, so whether it is an onsite technician or remote support consultant, you can be sure that they have all the information they need to give you the best service.

IT Support Features and Benefits

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring enables us to monitor and understand how your servers and networks are performing, identify potential hardware failures, or areas of risk 24 hours a day.

Using these monitoring technologies allows our Support team to locate any issues that could impact your IT infrastructure and resolve them before they cause you any impact to your device.

Remote Support

This provides our IT technicians with the ability to access your devices remotely to provide advice, maintenance, and support instantly, from any location.

Once a connection is established, using our secure tools, the technician is able to take full control of the device to perform whatever task is required.

At all times you can watch what the technician is doing, this is ideal when you’re asking for guidance on how to perform a function.

Patch Management

Via our monitoring tools we provide automated scans of devices within your IT infrastructure to determine the patches, maintenance, or feature releases each device is missing and will perform an update, out of hours to remove impact to the user.

This simplifies the process of keeping your operating systems and applications up to date and ensures you’re fully protected with the software vendors updates against cyber security, viruses and hacking.

Consultancy & Planning

An experienced consultant will visit your school or academy on a regular basis to discuss future planning, government requirements, IT development and ensuring that the IT infrastructure is able to manage the curriculum requirements for the academic year(s).

The consultant can also assist with IT policies, training, ICT lesson advice, and project management of IT related work including new buildings, 3rd party integration and migrations.

EDU365’s team of technicians and consultants are well qualified to keep the school up to date with new developments and recommend necessary updates to keep the IT infrastructure reliable, fully operational and crucially suitable for the students and staff.

We understand the need for a prompt resolution to your technical ICT issues in school. IT based learning for your pupils is of key importance and this is only possible when teaching is not disrupted by ICT failures.