MEDI-BOOK Education Edition

MEDI-BOOK Reporting for Education

MEDI-BOOK comes with an easily understandable reporting system, enabling you to quickly produce standard outputs at the click of a button. All reports in the system allow you to display the current days information and also report on a date range, which is down to the minute, ensuring that all information in the system is accessible.

Accident Management

You are able to report on accident criteria, i.e location, symptoms, type, individual person, person type, as well as overview reports.

Illness Management

You can report on the illness type, person type and individual people.

Medication Management

You can report on a quantity issue, person type or specific people.

Student or Employee Historical Reporting

Information on all the accidents which have occurred for an individual person, along with links to display the relevant incident reports

Accident and Illness Report

Using MEDI-BOOK you are able to produce a detailed accident report, which highlights all the key information as to what has occurred, how, when and where etc. Along with the ability to share this information with others via screen, print or email.

When a report is required to be sent via email or printed the key report information is redacted, this is to ensure that the information cannot be easily identified back to an individual.

Email reports can be sent immediately to the persons registered email address or by using the instance batch email service, reports are provided using:

– Password protected PDF files to ensure they cannot be opened inappropriately or edited.

– The persons name – This is removed (***).

– First Aider – The name of the person administering the first aid is removed.

**No additional medical room information is provided