MEDI-BOOK Business Edition

Incident Recording

What is MEDI-BOOK Business Edition?

MEDI-BOOK is an online management and reporting tool designed specifically designed for business use, you are able to effortlessly record incidents and illnesses which occur, report and inform the relevant people on any incident.

Management teams can stay on top of compliance by utilising the dashboard tools to efficiently oversee, investigate and review how all incidents are being dealt with.

With MEDI-BOOK you can manage all aspects of any accident or illness in one easy to use online portal including adding interactions to precious record. From simple aches, grazes to broken bones, information can be recorded quickly and accurately. Our extensive online help and getting started guides will help you to personalise and configure MEDI-BOOK with ease, so you are capturing the information you want in no time at all.

MEDI-BOOK Business Mobile Applications

Key Features

Incident Recording

Using our simple forms, you are able to quickly record the key information of any accidents and incidents that take place on or off the premises.

Mobile Applications Supported

MEDI-BOOK now includes a native iOS and Android applications. Using the new applications you are able to capture accident and illness information, quickly whether you have an internet connection or not.

Medical Room

The Medical Room module enables you to record additional information relating to an incident. You can add additional interactions and treatments given, as well as building up a history of all actions performed to aid the employee or visitor.