MEDI-BOOK Education Edition

MEDI-BOOK SMS Messaging 

edu365 now gives you the choice to add SMS notifications to your MEDI-BOOK package. This is perfect for users as some schools may have parents who don’t have an email address but have a mobile phone. 

MEDI-BOOK will send the notification messages to whoever is the pupil’s primary contact in the school’s MIS system, so if anything changes, do a quick sync on MEDI-BOOK so nothing will be missed.

The notifications can be sent at a specific time to suit your school and how your staff work. For example, the messages could be set to send at 3:30pm.

In addition, this may help reduce work for admin staff as parents are far less likely to call the school in comparison to if they were sent at lunchtime.

The SMS notifications work on a credit basis, where one credit equals 160 characters of a message.

For example, if the message contains 200 characters, they will still all appear on one message but it will cost two credits to send.

The SMS event log feature gives you the ability to track what is being sent out to parents. It also enables you to see what stage of the message process it’s at or why its failed to send.

EDU365 SMS Audit