DAY-BOOK by edu365

Visitor Sign in Management

What is DAY-BOOK?

DAY-BOOK is a bespoke Visitor Sign In Management system, designed for Education to provide a seamless way to manage who visits your organisation.

DAY-BOOK helps to streamline the process and protect visitor privacy, by restricting who has access to key personal identifiable information, therefore ensuring data is safe from prying eyes.

All information is stored in a site specific central database, which logs who’s visiting, when they arrive and when they leave.

Key Features

School MIS Integration

DAY-BOOK Wonde integration can directly and securely pull student and employee information directly from your MIS system. This ensures that your database is always kept current with new employees, role changes, or changes to emergency contact details. This therefore saves you time by not having to import worksheets, manually move registration groups or departments.

Employee Management

Employees are able to quickly sign in or out of the building by either scanning an ID card* or by finding their name via first initial.

Employers are able to have accurate evacuation reports, produce timecards or access in / out, time on site etc for each interaction.

As DAY-BOOK is multi entry enabled by default you can have a reader at each entry point to capture access anywhere.

Temporary Employees can be DBS pre-checked and issued with a label to use to sign in and out for the duration they’re with the school.

*ID cards can be QRCode, Barcode, RFID, Paxton and more.

Visitor Management

Visitors can sign in via the touchscreen terminal, capturing key details such as Name, Organisation, Vehicle Details, who they’re visiting and DBS information.

To complete signing in a photograph is taken and an individual ID badge printed, this can then be worn and used for signing out on exit.

Student Management

Students who arrive late can also use DAY-BOOK to sign in and provide a reason for their lateness, with all marks, minutes and late codes written back to your MIS System.

Students leaving school outside of normal hours are asked to provide a reason for leaving. The system can generate school permission slips, advising that the absence is authorised and store this as part of the database record. Adding to this a photograph will be taken of the parent/guardian who is collecting the child for safeguarding purposes.


DAY-BOOK enables concise and accurate information for executing your practice and actual evacuations. The evacuation report provides information of everyone onsite even students who have left school early or arrive late. This therefore ensures all bases are covered and no one is missed or left out.

The evacuation report is available via either a PDF printable report or by using our included DAY-BOOK mobile application (available for both iOS & Android).


DAY-BOOK comes with an easily understandable reporting system, enabling you to quickly produce standard outputs at the click of a button. In addition, all reports in the system give you live information including customisable date range reports.